Name: Aman Patel

Job Role: DevSecOps Engineer

Experience: 3 Years 1 Months

Address: New Delhi, India


Networking 90%
CloudOps 85%
Visualization 90%
DevSecOps 90%
Machine Learning 80%


About Me

I am a DevOps/Cloud Engineer who likes to work on Cloud Infrastructure & Automation, CI/CD, Systems Administration and Monitoring/Observability. I am an Open Source enthusiast and like to contribute back to community whenever possible.

  • Profile: DevOps & Engineer
  • Domain: Open Source Techonogies & Clouds & DevOps
  • Education: Bachelor of Engineering
  • Language: English, Hindi
  • DevSecOps Tools: Linux, CloudOps & DevSecOps
  • Other Skills: Cloud, Excel, Git, JIRA, Google Analytics & SEO
  • Interest: Open Source Technologies, Travel Photography, Teaching

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Seasoned Clouds & DevSecOps with 3+ years of experience driving business strategies through the Clouds & DevSecOps . Proven expertise in Cloud Infra , statistical analysis, machine learning algorithms and project management.



DevOps Admin

IP Sloutions Technologies

Merkle, a leading CXM and media company with over 10K+ professionals globally. It's a part of Dentsu International.

  • Analysed ad campaigns, clickstream, and customer surveys data, identified an increasing demand and launched a strategic product line.
  • Developed time series forecasting models to predict sales and optimize marketing budgets, got model performance of 92%.
  • Designed and executed A/B tests, performed rigorous statistical analysis. Led to 20% MoM increase in the conversion rate.

2022-Till Date

DevOps Specialist


iQuanti is a data-driven digital marketing analytics and solutions company, helps top 100 global brands.

  • Performed in-depth market research and analysis to create online pages. Resulted in ~100% website growth and 30% increase in conversion rate YoY.
  • Delivered multiple training and mentorship sessions on analytical tools like SQL, MS Excel, Power BI, Tableau and Python.
  • Performed migration and enhancements for merchandising dashboard, involved data integration and its feature improvement.



Bachelor of Engineering

Kanpur University

Grade: First class distinction.


Higher Secondary School

Lucknow Public Schools & Collages

Grade: 2nd class distinction.



Below are the sample Clouds & DevSecOps projects on AWS with Security.

How to Crack AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

AWS is crucial for businesses due to its market dominance, scalability, cost-effectiveness, global infrastructure, reliability, security, innovation, ecosystem, enabling digital transformation, enterprise adoption, and economic impact..

DevSecOps is an approach that integrates security practices within the DevOps process to ensure secure software development and operations.

DevSecOps, short for Development, Security, and Operations, is an approach that integrates security practices into every stage of the DevOps lifecycle to ensure secure software development and operations. It emphasizes the integration of security measures from the start of the development process, often referred to as "shifting left," and promotes continuous security monitoring and testing. Automation plays a key role in DevSecOps, with tools used for security testing, compliance checks, and incident response processes. Collaboration between development, operations, and security teams is enhanced to identify and mitigate security risks early. Security practices are treated as code and integrated into CI/CD pipelines, while threat modeling, vulnerability management, and compliance automation are essential components. DevSecOps also involves secure secret management, comprehensive logging and auditing, applying the principle of least privilege, and ensuring container and API security. Continuous feedback loops, regular risk assessments, security metrics tracking, and patch management are critical for maintaining a robust security posture. By fostering a culture where security is everyone's responsibility, DevSecOps aims to build secure and resilient software systems that adhere to regulatory requirements and best practices.

Power BI Sales dashboard Project for Beginners

Designed a power bi dashboard for Madhav Store to track and analyze the online sales data acorss India.

Sales Forecast- Time Series Forecasting

Used multiple machine learning models to forecast sales (retail store) and performed time series analysis.

Customer Segmentation using clustering model

Developed a ML model to give various recommendations of financial products & services on target customer groups.

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